Walter's Story

Currently we are working on an exciting collabortaion with Big Telly Theatre Company and Echo Echo Dance Company. 'Walter's Story' is a devised piece containing everything from Banana Man to Jedward!

Walter's Story combines some experimental theatre thechniques with dance and song (and of course, audience participation!) to tell the story of a young man with some secret superpowers and some not so secret problems. Join Walter as he navigates family issues, girlfriend problems and some death defying situations in the Forest of Nightmares!

We are excited to perform this piece in the Playtrail in June 2013 to an audience of the public and local primary schools. 'Walter's Story' showcases Stage Beyond's many talents; including theatre, dance, music and writing.

 Just As Important

Despite current equality legislation and more awareness  of the issues faced by those with learning disabilities, many of those affected continue to face ignorance and unfair treatment.

Based on the premise "we're not more important, we're just as important", Stage Beyond have workshopped several issues that they feel strongly about. Relationships, retail, leisure and difference are all examined during several short scenes devised by the group to draw attention to the prejudice that people with learning diabilities continue to face today.

We were honoured to be invited to perform this piece at the 'Change a Little, Change a Lot' conference, held in the Cultulann here in Derry City. The audience included several VIPs, including our Mayor. We are delighted to say that our piece was very well received indeed!

 Shakespeare Masterclass Sept 2013 with Dave Duggan

After our summer break we had masterclasses from one of the country's foremost playwrights. Oscar-nominated Dave Duggan facilitated a series of workshops focusing on Shakespeare's monologues.  The workshops offered participants' a positive new experience with The Bard. The group created a short street theatre piece based on several of Shakespeare's key monologues which they then took on a mini-tour of our City of Culture throughout February 2013.


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