The Emperors New Clothes

Stage beyond is a theatre company for young adults with learning disabilities. The company is made up of 14 members from throughout the Northwest, who have already shown a keen interest in drama. These actors research, devise and tour shows as well as providing accompanying workshops. Based in the Millennium Forum, the company offers the opportunity to explore issues significant to the learning disabled community and presents these as theatre pieces and open workshops to the general public.

Opening their tour at the Forum, this production of The Emperors New Clothes is a lively, energetic, wild and playful adaptation of the classic story of the gullibility of the greedy, the stupidity of the easily led...and the wisdom in honest simplicity.

A show about freedom of thought, with whispers, cries, grotesque characters, dancing and lots of laughs.

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This adaptation of Carmen is set in the heady days of 1950's urban America. Escamillo, in the original story, an heroic Bullfighter becomes a Boxing Superstar, soldier Don Jose becomes a member of the State Police Force and the gypsy girls, including Carmen are in this version, coca-cola drinking 50's rock and roll chicks! The plot follows Bizet's original fateful storyline of the loves of the bewitching Carmen and is filled with glamour, dance, action and live music from the original score provided by the graduate students from the University of Ulster - a production not to be missed!

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