Devising with Ronan Carr - Weekly Workshops

Stage Beyond are delighted to welcome the acclaimed writer and practictioner Ronan Carr as part of our annual performance this year. Ronan is working with the company to devise a hard hitting piece of theatre dealing with online safety, vulnerability and relationships. After meeting the company in December 2014, Ronan currently works with the members on a weekly basis, discussing and devising our performance piece. We'll be ready for performance and a workshop serioes in May 2015!

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 Fairy Tales and Friends

Fairy Tales and Friends is the name of our workshop series with Knockavoe School, Strabane. Each week our Facilitator in Residence and a member of our Theatre Squad visit a group of pupils from various year groups in their fabulously equipped school to work on a fairy tale together - echoing their work in class. As a group, we read and explore each story - bringing it to life and working together to create a new way of looking at our favourite tales.

 Off the Page! Legacy Project

The objective of Stage Beyond’s Legacy ‘Off the Page’ project is to nourish, enhance and to unleash talent to the community. The project will firstly offer Stage Beyond and then students from two secondary schools an opportunity to engage in poetry, drama and prose. The project also proposes during the summer months weekly promenade performances showcasing the work produced throughout the year.

Following on from our highly visible and successful City of Culture year this project will engage company members on a regular basis with young students. Both will have the opportunity to engage together and share in the dynamic of creating and understanding some of the works of Heaney, Shakespeare and Roald Dahl, all of which are on the school curriculum. It is our objective that through the work participants will not only come to a better understanding and appreciation of the texts but they will also learn more about themselves and their relationships with others.

This project aims to draw young people into the the world of Heaney, Shakespeare and Dahl through movement, speech and performance. Teaching through performance helps students to internalize the language and meaning of the literature and to have fun! Throughout the year we not only will develop literary and performance based skills, but we will also nurture skills that will serve students throughout their lives

These skills include listening and responding, public speaking, self-presentation, diction and enunciation, relaxation techniques, physical and emotional self-assessment and team work. The project strives to bring plays, poetry and prose to life and to simply lift it ‘off the page’ recognising that research has proven that exposure to and participation in the arts has a powerful and positive effect on educational achievement and self-esteem.

The project also encourages a positive and lasting legacy of friendships and connections. It will not only increase the profile of those with learning difficulties but will also leave a positive legacy of vibrant and engaging work. The schools outreach programme with all its exciting and imaginative components will attract those who are not usually at the centre of arts output, our focus is inclusion, equality, access and producing high visibility high production values and excellence of standards. This project will involve the local talent of our group and partner members to produce a vibrant and enthusiastic arts programme.

Our outreach work and promenade performance approach takes the arts out of buildings and into all areas, accessing people and places that would not usually see the work of the learning disabled community. By unleashing such talent we will have the opportunity to tell the city and its visitors a wonderful new story, a city celebrating its entire people and a city that recognises that we all have within us a special kind of talent.

Each Wednesday Kieran works with Stage Beyond in the Millennium Forum - but that's not where this project ends! Each Thursday he ventures further afield to work with the pupils of Lisneal College Derry and of St Patrick & St Brigids College, Claudy

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